About Us

Welcome to the House of Paton – an Australian family owned, reliable online business offering top quality products and exceptional customer service! Here you’ll find all sorts of amazing items including travel accessories and pet necessities.

We are committed to providing caring and professional customer service and reducing landfill with producing quality and long lasting products.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: become an industry leader by delivering unbeatable customer care plus outstanding products that will last you a lifetime.

We are very aware of climate change and we are endeavouring to have our products made of quality and natural fabrics that will last for many years, thus reducing landfill.

We Support

We support many charities not only in Australia but women and children in countries overseas enabling them to achieve their full potential and education. The Deepalaya School in India.
Our charity in Bali is Villa Kitty. Elizabeth Henzell is an Australian lady and is the founder of this charity and rescues the many cats, kittens and dogs that are neglected and needing veterinary care in Bali. Elizabeth and her helpers are looking forward to having all visitors from Australia and other countries return to the cat sanctuary after COVID to give her feline residents lots of cuddles and love. Please if you can help, donate to this wonderful charity or take time to visit when you are next in Ubud Bali.